Certified Korean translation

Certified Korean translation

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Certified Korean Translation

Certified Korean to English & English to Korean translations ♦ Affidavit of translation accuracy ♦ Recognized by federal and local goverment ♦ USCIS/CIC qualified immigration translation ♦ INS certified translation, DMV certified translation, certified US immigration Korean translation, competitive pricing.

Birth Certificates
Diplomas & Transcripts
Police Clearances
birth certificate Korean certified translation
Certified Korean translation - Diploma
Certified Korean translations

Marriage Certificates
Divorce Certificates
Driver's Licenses
marriage certificate certified Korean translation
certified Korean translation - wedding certificate
Korean driver license certified translation

High School Certificates
Business Documents
Personal Correspondence
Certified Korean diploma translation
English Korean document translation
Korean e-mail translation

As a general rule, foreign language documents used for immigration purposes must be translated and certified. KTranslation offers certified Korean translation of documents such as marriage licenses, divorce decrees, birth/ death certificates, college transcripts, diplomas, police clearance, and driver licenses. Every certified translation issued by our company becomes a legal record accepted by government institutions, professional organizations, colleges and universities throughout North America.

A translation of a document in order to be considered a certified translation, has to include the following parts:

• A scanned copy of the original document
• English translation of the document
• A Certificate of Accuracy

A Certificate of Accuracy is a statement attesting that the Korean to English translation is an accurate and complete translation of a document.

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